Enjoying LA

Ruchi Had enjoyed LA as a child on a family holiday as she had visited Disney World , Epcot Centre , Universal Studios and the hop on hop off bus which went along Manns Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Centre .

However on this trip , as expected , her motivations had changed entirely  . Staying at Marina Del Ray nearby her friend , meant that she was only a short distance from Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier .

She had heard a lot about Venice Beach and been advised to visit at the weekend where performers congregate there . As well as performers , the place is alive with cyclists , skaters , roller skaters and runners . There is a track that runs from Venice Beach to Santa Monica which is intended for this .

On the way there is ‘muscles beach’ with exercise equipment aimed solely at people coming to the beach to work out  . Also for people who work out to show off .

Ruchi walked the distance from Venice to Santa Monica  Pier . Santa Monica Pier is very much like a seaside resort or pier such as Brighton Pier . It has a big wheel , amusement arcades and people just enjoying the sea .

Another draw was The Hollywood Bowl . Ruchi had read about it and bought CDs of concerts performed there but one of the main reasons for choosing LA was Paul Simon’s farewell tour .

Paul Simon announced his farewell tour earlier this year and Ruchi had always been a fan of his solo work as well as Simon and Garfunkel .

The Hollywood bowl had incredible acoustics and is a one of a kind outdoor concert experience . Surprisingly for such a large venue  , it was extremely well organised , with clear exits and signs for amenities . The capacity of the venue is 17500 but the concert never felt crowded or uncomfortable as the seating arrangement is well laid out .

The metal detectors at the entrance had recently been added following the shootings in the US  which led to a bottleneck of people at the entrance but were welcomed by everyone  .

Paul Simon played for about 3 hours with a band . Initially he didn’t play the Simon and Garfunkel hits and concentrated mostly on Graceland  and his solo songs . However eventually he played ‘Sound of Silence’ , ‘Cathys Song’ and ‘Homeward Bound’ , still the favorites .