The Getty Museum Los Angeles

When Ruchi was flying out to Los Angeles , she watched the newly released ‘All the money in the world’ about J P Getty  and the kidnapping of his grandson  .

The film had already been in the news  a lot , initially due to Kevin Spacey playing JP Getty . Spacey then came under fire for sexual misconduct charges and all his scenes were reshot with Christopher Plummer  . As the film survived one drama , it went headlong into another one when scenes were reshot with Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams was not paid for the reshooting but Mark Wahlberg was . This fed straight into the #timesup and #metoo awareness that has shone on Hollywood and the film industry this year  , highlighting the pay differences between men and women and people abusing positions of power . This has sparked a global debate and awareness of this issue which is still a long way off being resolved  .

The plot of the film is the kidnapping of JP Gettys  grandson  . The ransom for his release was 17 million dollars which JP Getty refused to pay as it would be taxable  . In the end his adviser and daughter in law join forces to get the grandson released .

It is an extraordinary true story as JP Getty was not just the richest man of his time , but the richest man of all time .

He amassed a huge collection of art because of its nature to be a sensible investment and , although tremendously philanthropic  , it seemed this was due to the fact that it allowed him a tax break  . Likewise , when he refused to pay his grandsons ransom , was , according to the fact , that the ransom was not tax deductible  .

After his death , his family went through his artefacts and personal collection and that is what forms the displays at the Getty museum in LA and at his Malibu residence . Ruchi only got to see the Getty Museum in LA, but it was tremendous . Unlike any museum she had seen before  , where the quantity and range of art was usually in a city , this museum was on a hill out of LA  . The gardens were a feature of their own  , immaculately landscaped and maintained .

It felt completely isolated and dedicated to the appreciation of the work on display . As Ruchi had been walking around LA , she had seen numerous signs for the Getty Museum  , one particularly drew her to it : Rembrandt and India  . Ruchi had no idea that Rembrandt had been influenced by Indian artwork , so it was based on that advert that she had attended the museum  .

There were remarkable impressionist paintings that she had never seen in Europe and she spent time there in the gardens as well .